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Steve Flaherty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Merx Medical Diagnostics

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There are many companies that claim to be rainmakers or relationship-builders, but few have the pedigree of Leeds Consulting Group.

We have generated profitable incremental sales for 650 companies ranging from start-ups to members of the Fortune 1000.
What is our secret? It's a repeatable, transferable process that we have developed and proven over our 25 years in business. The LCG Process defines an end-to-end, effective lead generation program that we can implement as your marketing partner, or help you implement internally in your organization.

Another difference is in the quality of our leads. Each lead we deliver has been exhaustively qualified and has acknowleged positively our Big 5 questions:

  • "I have an application"
  • "We've discussed it"
  • "I'm the decision maker"
  • "I have a budget"
  • "I want to proceed"

The end result is that we put your salespeople in front of exactly the right people at exactly the perfect moment, so they can do what they do best: close sales. With a foundation this solid, you'll be well on your way to maximizing your opportunity at each of your new accounts.

Whether you plan to turn-key your business generation or redevelop your in-house talent, LCG has an exceptional foundation from which to build. With over 25 years of experience, we're ready to share our knowledge to your best advantage: improving your bottom line.