"Leeds can take a very technical subject and quickly turn it into an effective sales presentation."

Drew Osterman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Photo Research

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Nothing speaks better of LCG's process than results. These case studies show how LCG was able to transform a variety of companies and develop their leads processes.

Major Medical Systems Manufacturer

Leeds is entering its second year of developing highly qualified prospects for this firm. During this engagement, the firm has been able to track numerous closed sales from the program to prove a substantial return on investment for the project. Leeds is also actively developing a web-based lead tracking system that enables the firm to gather feedback from their sales representatives regarding lead quality and follow up.

Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The President of this company requested that Leeds develop an inside sales program that would support field representatives and act as a training ground for field sales personnel, all within 90 days. Leeds screened 1,500 inside sales candidates from around the U.S. and recommended 15 for hire. During the hiring process, Leeds developed a sales infrastructure and training program that enabled telemarketers to learn the basics of selling in the same language they would need when they moved into field sales. After the first 15 hires, Leeds screened and recruited three more groups of candidates, eventually hiring a total of 60 out of 4,500 candidates. The initial 15 have become Regional Sales Managers, thus creating the foundation for a complete sales training methodology with which to build and maintain its own sales force.

Leading Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer for Networking Products

Leeds updated this firm's process for developing qualified new business prospects and lowered costs by 80% through teleprospecting. This program proved so successful that the company dropped two major trade show appearances in favor of telemarketing. After 1.5 years of calling on the project, the client had closed 8% of the leads turned over (with an average order of about $200K). Leeds then assisted the client in training in-house personnel, which lowered the cost of the qualified lead still further.

Information Security Service

Leeds conduct an investigation of the client's market for information security. The objective was to determine if the company should continue to pursue this market versus their other product lines. Using our step-by-step approach of defining the market size, identifying trends in the market, and studying the strengths and weakness of the firm's major competitors, Leeds was able to complete the job in 90 days and at 40% of what the client would have paid for using a conventional market investigation approach.

Manufacturer of Spectrometers

Leeds developed highly qualified leads and a tracking system to follow-up on prior leads generated by the company, maintaining a 29%-32% prospect to presentation ratio while establishing the lead tracking system. This led to a prospect follow-up study requested by the firm's president, which uncovered approximately $1 million in business lost to the competition.