"Best money I ever spent."

Steve Flaherty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Merx Medical Diagnostics



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Nothing speaks better of our process than the clients themselves.

"Your work yielded 1000% ROI last year and 925% the year before that."

Mike Valentine, Director, Scientific & Industrial Business Advanced Sterilization Products, A Johnson & Johnson Company

"Since we began working with Leeds telemarketing program, we have seen our sales increase 50% which has helped drive our stock price up several points. There is a definite cause and effect relationship between the success of the telemarketing campaign and the surge in our business."

Chuck Schultz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Oregon MicroSystems

"Best lead generation partner I have worked with in my career"

Barry Crist, CEO Centeris

"As a result of our partnership, we have improved the quality of the leads being forwarded to the field, making our sales force more effective. We have also taken steps to reduce our sales cycle time. Further, we have more complete understandings of several different markets and are making adjustments in our sales strategies to reflect our deeper level of understanding....."

"The team at Leeds Consulting Group took great care to learn our product range as well as our corporate culture. The callers understand that they are an extension of our company and have taken considerable care to ensure that they are representing us in a way that is consistent with the way we service our customers."

Heather Castleman, Director of Strategic Initaitives, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

"We wanted results yesterday, and you delivered."

Rick Dipaolo, Manager of Telesales for Connaught Laboratories, Inc.

"It always amazes me how you can take something highly technical that you know nothing about, and make sense of it so quickly."

Tom Brawley, Director of Sales and Marketing for Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc.

"Leeds masterminded our telemarketing program with superb results - our sales pipeline grew by 400% in the first year alone."

Richard Fedchenko, Vice President of Strategy and Market Development 3D Systems

"The documented strategy alone justified the program. It's so useful to have our processes and methods recorded in one document."

Anessa Farber, Sales, Vigilance, Inc.

"The Leeds staff was extremely professional, displayed an interest and desire in learning our products, and was quick to identify and apply new approaches aimed at increasing call and presentation effectiveness."

Josh Hagerman, Marketing Manager, Advanced Sterilization Products, a Johnson & Johnson Company

"Leeds can take a very technical subject and quickly turn it into an effective sales presentation."

Drew Osterman, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Photo Research

"Best money I ever spent."

Steve Flaherty, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Merx Medical Diagnostics

"Leeds helped us get our lead management process under control by providing outstanding lead qualification and excellent lead tracking reports."

Mike Vizzi, Director of Channel Marketing for Retix